Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Wave Contemporary Artists - Gallery Sho - Tokyo - Japan

Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse.

Francis Bacon

This exhibition is by several young artists from countries as diverse as Japan, Cuba and France, its an interesting show not only from what is on display but what one can take away from it for there own praxis in art. Sometime ago my professor once said to me "its not what I can teach young artists, it is what I can learn from them" and in some ways in seeing this exhibition his statement rings true again.

Not so much for the imagery on show but for the developing systems they are experimenting in paint and the memories that triggers, it rejuvenates ones ideas in painting/drawing experiments that have been forgotten but now can be used again in a different way.

But back to this exhibition and one of the works that took my eye was the Ferris Wheel by Motoko Otsuki, especially the surface qualities of the oil paint they were nicely refined for young painter. The other issue that Otsuki had managed to attain in this smallish painting being 23 7/8 in x 19 3/4in is the visual magnitude of these Ferris Wheels in Japan and they are really large compared to anything one has seen in Australia.

Another painter who shows some interesting painterly systems developing is the French artist Camille Fontaine with her painting Bath Tub, which one might suggest belongs in the Japanese apartment. Fontaines subject matter has a history in British Art, that was in vogue during The Cold War with its bleak forecast of nuclear war, but here her efforts in painting the apartment bath tub has provided her with some complex visual problems of depth that she has solved well with interesting surface qualities.

Leonel Matheu has produced some good painting, the standout is titled; Different Reactions and as much as the imagery is simplified, the surface qualities of the paint with various other media and they way they have been manipulated around the canvas is very interesting, its what makes the image so attractive view.

There are several other artists in this show that deserve mention such as Hiroto Murakami with her flowerscapes, that reminds one of how European artists like Gustave Klimt used Japanese aesthetics to render his own idiosyncratic vision of the world. Another artist is Clare Desire whose work can be seen at the beginning of the review is what might be called a hybrid between fine art and manga but nonetheless very interesting to view.

So if your in Tokyo and want to see some young artists work please visit Gallery Sho, its not far from the Bridgestone Museum of Art, near Tokyo Station.

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